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AI / ML Based App Ideas Ideal for 2021

1: AI based Apps for Healthcare Services

By the year 2020, artificial intelligence will have a major impact on the healthcare industry. AI / ML applications help analyze data from patients and also help improve results. This means that AI based apps can be used as decision enhancement tools that improve reliability, predictability, quality, and work stability along with security.

Have a look at some examples:

1. BillyScreen is a popular mobile app that uses AI and ML tools, computer vision algorithms and smart cameras to detect increased levels of bilirubin in the white part of the human eye. It is also being used to detect various critical health conditions such as pancreatic cancer.

2. Redivus Health is an intuitive mobile app that is widely used by many healthcare providers to prevent medical data errors. It also provides uninterrupted clinical decision support during medical documented events in real-time basis.

2: AI Based E-commerce Apps for Selling Products

Artificial intelligence technology can give client-centric websites a competitive edge and is becoming readily available to a plethora of e-commerce companies of any size or budget. AI & machine learning is now enabling e-shoppers to associate products with the right color, size, shape and brand. Many customer-centric web applications are already becoming more sophisticated with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities and are expected to grow in the future.

Here are examples of AI based eCommerce app:

1. Amazon’s most popular Alexa app is a popular artificial intelligence tool that helps learn the algorithms of Amazon’s targeted marketing base. Alexa allows Amazon to know which goods and services will have the most demand according to the customer searches and also share personalized recommendations.

2. eBay also uses artificial intelligence in order to maintain a competitive edge in the market. The eBay shopbot platform is useful for finding different products using NLP (natural language processing). Therefore, it is clear that machine learning is a crucial part of eBay’s business strategy.

Similarly, you can use the AI feature to make your eCommerce applications more feature packed for your clients. You can get mobile app development solutions for transforming your idea into reality.


3: AI Enabled Smart Conversational Interfaces

Interactive interface is the latest trend in this digital era that focuses on how people interact with the system. Big brands such as Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft are strongly focused on the development of different conversational interfaces.


1. The Starbucks iPhone mobile app is a good example of a conversation interface that earns you rewards, allows you to interact with chatbots and can search the stores. The virtual assistant they use is “My Starbucks Barista, an AI based technology that can also clarify menu items and prices.

2. Another popular example is Bank of America’s chatbot called Erica which helps bank clients make financial decisions such as balancing checks, making payments, analyzing expenses and making suggestions. Users can easily download Erika to their mobile phones and chat via voice or text message.

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